Freeverse Toys

What good is that shiny new iMac if you don’t have any rock’n toys for it? Fear not, Freeverse is here to save the day. Download any of our totally sweet Free toys right now. They are free, so you know they must be good.

Did you know Jared is a star? He was in a Blockbuster commercial. It involved sausages. It was great.

Jared Butcher of Song Widget!

Click to Download Jared Widget – 1.9MB

Maybe your desktop is too cluttered, why not have Jared in Widget form? ProTip: If you add like a bazillion of these Widgets, you get the most amazing Jared chorus. Never has life been better. Who needs the weather when you can look at this beautiful smiling yellow face all day long.

Did you know Jared is also one of the bosses in Kill Monty? True story, check it out here: Kill Monty

SimStapler Arena for OS X

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When it’s time to get work done, it’s time to get work done now. SimStapler is the premier and only feature complete Stapler Simulation on OS X. Do you think you can really beat the all time High Score of 8,265,481 clicks? I doubt it. Now with Online High Scores!

Did you know SimStapler is just the tip of the SimOffice environment? It’s true, the other applications are in field testing now at JPL.

Did you know the Snow in the Freeverse SnowGlobe is not snow at all? It’s a computer generated image, how nuts is that?