WingNuts 2

WingNuts 2 takes you on a fantastic arcade journey to over 30 real, (and not-so-real), locations and time periods as you hunt Baron Von Schtopwatch and the mysterious “Raina”.

Play through time as you encounter enemies from the 1920’s to the distant future. With over 100 real world aircraft, helicopters, blimps, tanks, ships and submarines, you’ll never run out of things to shoot!

WingNuts 2 features dozens of “Boss” planes and ground units, a plethora of power-ups (including Super Mecha Mode) and a Flying Aircraft Carrier as your base of operations. The game sets a new standard for arcade action!

Advanced OpenGL and 3D particle effects allow you to take advantage of high-end graphic cards and the custom-built game editor lets fans create their own scenarios and share them online. An instant classic, Wingnuts 2 was an Apple Design Award Runner-Up for Game of the Year!

Game Tips and Tricks:

  • Special maneuvers can make all the difference when fighting a boss.
  • Got missiles on your tail? Try doing a loop maneuver to shake them.
  • You can also use the loop maneuver to get behind enemy craft.
  • When you upgrade your jets for missiles, remember they will lock onto enemies for you, thus making a great addition to your main weapon.
  • When you see your bomb reticule show up, there is a nearby enemy you can bomb.
  • Try bombing the scenery, you might get some “explosive” results!
  • Keep an eye on your carrier’s shield level. If it gets to zero, it will explode and you will have no place to land. That would be bad.
  • Some aircraft are great for bombing but weak against planes. Others are very fast but not strong. Find the right plane for the right situation.
  • Don’t waste your bullets trying to shoot the immobile air barriers; they’re invincible!