Tiki Magic Mini Golf

Tiki Magic Mini Golf is mini golf like you’ve never seen it! It’s a fantastic 3D adventure!

State of the art graphics, compelling game play, 3D sound effects and an original score combine to create a fun and fully immersive Tiki experience!

The game features support for up to 6 players… Perfect for a Tiki party!

The Tiki gods are angry and the only way to quench their insatiable thirst for mischief is a good round of Tiki Magic Mini Golf! Play through 54 stunning mini-golf holes, set in three exotic locations:

Lono’s Lagoon: Play in a tropical island paradise, with palm trees swaying to a gentle breeze, and ukulele music soothing your nerves while you attempt that tricky putt!

Lost Temple: You find yourself in a mysterious temple, hidden high amongst the mist-covered mountains. The temple has been abandoned long ago, but amongst the ruins, lies a mini-golf course. Watch out for booby-traps, Indy!

Fire Mountain: Set inside a volcano, this is the heart of the Tiki Magic. Can you finish the course and keep your ball out of the lava, while not passing out from the heat?


  • Real time 3D game-play
  • State of the art physics
  • 3 Fantastic courses
  • 54 insane holes
  • Instant “Sweet Shot” replays
  • Anytime unlimited game saves and restores
  • Animated tiki mask player totems
  • Up to 6 Players
  • Tiki Magic Force Fields
  • Original soundtrack