BumperCar 2 - Web Browser for Kids

Keep your kids safe while they surf the net!

BumperCar 2.0: The Mac OS X web browser just for kids. Offering unparalleled content-control and customization features, BumperCar is the most powerful Mac web browser for concerned educators and parents alike.

BumperCar earned a prestigious Best of Show award at Macworld Expo San Francisco and garnered rave reviews in the press. Now, the all-new BumperCar 2.0 runs on the same engine as Apple’s Safari and adds a host of new features for both home and educational use!

New in Version 2.0

BumperCar 2.0 has been completely re-written using WebKit, allowing for enhanced stability, speed and compatibility. We’ve also designed new homepage options for a wider age-range of children. Safety settings are now available across all accounts on the computer, so a parent who is logged in can change their child’s account settings without logging out. These are just a few of the hundreds of improvements in BumperCar 2.0!

The BumperCar Start Page

BumperCar’s start page is attractive and encourages children to explore a collection of kid-friendly sites. Browse the Internet by clicking on any of the categories, or type a destination in the Address or Search fields. Children may also guide the bumper car into the Tunnel of Mystery to be teleported to a random kid-safe site. BumperCar can be configured to be in a Home, School or Pre-School setting with personalized features appropriate for each location.