Marathon: Durandal

17 Years have passed since an alien race known as the Pfhor attacked the Tau Ceti colony destroying it and damaging the U.E.S.C. Marathon. Now, you have been awakened from your long stasis by the computer A.I. Durandal to uncover the mysteries of an ancient alien race known as the S’pht. Transported to the surface of Lh’owon armed only with a pistol, it is up to you to save humanity from the Pfhor, as they relentlessly search for the coordinates of Earth!

Bungie Studio’s 1995 groundbreaking first-person shooter is now available on Xbox Live Arcade for the very first time! With all-new high definition graphics and support for 720p widescreen displays, Marathon: Durandal is an awesome game in it’s own right and a clear intimation of the compelling gameplay, characters, and stories to come in the Halo™ franchise.

A deep single player game is enhanced with 8-player co-op, “King of the Hill”, “Kill the Man with the Ball” and “Tag” Live modes. An all new “Survival Mode” adds a quick arcade experience to the classic game. Live Leaderboards and Achievements (including four secret Achievements) let you track your progress through the game.

Freeverse is honored to have been chosen to bring one of the all-time great games to Xbox Live Arcade!

Expand your Multiplayer Experience

The Total Carnage Netmap Pack (400 points) and The Jjaro Netmap Pack (250 points) are available on Xbox LIVE Marketplace. These new packs combined add 24 new Multiplayer levels, as well as 3 new achievements worth 50 gamerscore.

The maps are composed of the best multiplayer levels from Marathon and Marathon: Infinity; and introduce the Jjaro texture set to Marathon: Durandal.