Freeverse Software’s Simple Upgrade Policy

If you purchased an older version directly from Freeverse within three months of a new version being released, you are entitled to a free upgrade to the latest version. If the product requires we ship you a new package, shipping and handling will apply.

If you purchased your product more than three months before the new version came out, you are entitled to a fifty percent off upgrade coupon for the latest version.

To take advantage of either option, please use our support form and let us know you are a recent customer interested in the free upgrade coupon or an older customer interested in the half off coupon.

Thank You For Choosing Freeverse.

Additional Info:

Small updates are usually free. If you download the latest version and it just works, then you're all set. If the product requires an upgrade it will usually appear as unregistered when run.

If you are interested in a cross upgrade between the same version number, between Windows and Macintosh for example, you are entitled to the half off coupon as well. Just use the link above to email support a platform upgrade request. Due to licensing issues, we have to treat the versions for different platforms as different products.