Field of Glory - Rise of Rome

Rise of Rome is an expansion pack for Field of Glory.

It adds a host of new features to single and multiplayer and a vast number of armies and troop types making this more than just an expansion pack; it is an entirely new game!

Field of Glory Digital is based on the popular Field of Glory tabletop wargaming system from Slitherine (, the PC version takes care of all the calculations and measurements and just leaves you to make the important and fun decisions.

Allows you to fight against armies from the same army pack for historical match ups or, if you choose, against armies from other army packs so you can try “what if” battles with Medieval Knights vs. Roman Legions.


A comprehensive Digital Army Generator (D.A.G.) which allows you to design armies to a specific number of points and then take these armies in to single player against the AI or online in multiplayer. Making its first ever appearance on a Slitherine title, the D.A.G. is a powerful tool for any wargames addict !

New random battle generator using armies created in the army builder for single and multiplayer.

A new Line of Sight option. Games can be played with or without LOS. Hide battlegroups in terrain, behind hills or other troops. Beware of ambushes!

Baggage camps which appear in battle and can be looted for bonus points. Some armies are allowed to fortify their baggage.

Temporary fortifications such as palisades which can be defended.

Over 100 new unit types including camelry, scythed chariots and artillery!

5 New terrain types: broken ground, impassable terrain, open fields, plantations & steep hills.

6 new battles from the Greek & Persian wars, Macedonian & Punic War’s and from Rome’s expansion.

  • Armies:

Mid-Republican Roman, Late Republican Roman, Gallic, Pyrrhic, Later Carthaginian, Ancient Spanish, Later Macedonian, Attalid Pergamene, Numidian or Early Moorish, Later Seleucid, Later Ptolemaic, Pontic, Spartacus Slave Revolt, Early Armenian, Parthian, Later Jewish, Bosporan, Illyrian

Plus a selection of allied armies to bolster your main force.